Bedroom furniture. 

We have strived to find a good selection of bedroom furniture to show in store , as well as the selection online we have many different styles available in different colours with  options galour. 

come in to bed base and view the full range of bedroom furniture available. 



Ambrose bed side cabinet in white wash .  

Portland 2 draw bedside cabinet in dark oak stain .

Orinda 2 draw bedside cabinet in gery wash.

Northville 1 draw  bedside cabinet in rimu stain. 

Hudson 3 draw bedside cabinet in grey wash.

Hilton 3 draw bedside cabinet in rimu stain.

Andorra 3 draw bedside cabinet in bone finish.

Lincon 3 draw bedside cabinet imported timber.

Mauraus 1 draw bedside cabinet rustic finish.

Ambrose 5 draw slimboy in whit wash. 

Portland 5 draw slimboy in rimu stain.

Hudson 5 draw slimboy in grey wash. 

Northville 6 draw slimboy in rimu stain .

Orinda 5 draw slimboy in white paint finish. 

Villager 5 draw slimboy in antique rimu stain. 

Andorra 5 draw slimboy in bone finish. 

Ambrose 7 draw tallboy. 

Ambrose 5 draw tallboy.

Hudson 5 draw tallboy.

Portland 5 draw bedside cabinet.

Orinda 6 draw tallboy. 

Master 6 draw tallboy

Master 4 draw tallboy. 

Andorra 4 draw tallboy

Andorra 5 draw tallboy . 

lincon 5 draw tallboy 

Ambrose 6 draw lowboy with mirror.

Hudson 6 draw lowboy with mirror

Andorra 8 draw lowboy with mirror  

Hilton 6 draw tallboy with mirror

Northville 6 draw lowboy with mirror

Orinda 6 draw lowboy with mirror. 

Northville 8 draw tallboy with mirror.

Portland lowboy with mirror.

Master lowboy , mirror available . 

Andorra bed chest .